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Treatment To Tennis Elbow- Natural Way ( Tennis Elbow Brace )

( Tennis Elbow Brace )

Tennis elbow produces pain on the outside of your forearm near your elbow when you exercise the joint. Tiny tears in tendon tissue cause the discomfort.However, treatment does not have to mean medication and physical therapy. There are many natural treatments for tennis elbow that anyone can try at home. Below are some natural treatment that you should give some tries.

  1. The most important thing you can do to treat tennis elbow is to simply rest the elbow. This entails limiting the range of movements as well as the weight you carry with the affected arm for at least six weeks. In time this is typically enough to completely eliminate the pain of tennis elbow. Continuing to limit the stress placed on the elbows will also go a long way in preventing future flare ups

    Heat and Ice

  1. As with most injuries it is often suggested that you alternate heat and ice treatments. This can easily be accomplished by filling a bag with oats and rice and microwaving the satchel for up to a minute. Rest the elbow on the heating pad until the heat is gone. After heat grab for a bag of frozen peas and allow the elbow to rest on the bag for 10 to 20 minutes or until the elbow feels uncomfortable. Heat and ice treatments increase the blood flow to the injury, improving the rate of tissue repair.


  1. While strenuous exercise should be kept to a minimum with tennis elbow, it is important to exercise the weaker muscles of the arm, like the forearm, to help offset the stress placed on the elbow. To strengthen the forearm try squeezing a palm-sized ball repeatedly while using the heat and ice treatments. Other simple stretches and exercises may be recommended by a doctor or therapist.


  1. Not only does bracing an elbow help you to be mindful of your injury at all times to avoid excursion, it also helps support the elbow to limit pain. Elbows can be braced with the use of a sling, medical tape or elastic elbow brace or wrap. However, slightly tight braces that compress the affected elbow will likely be the most effective, according to the mayo clinic
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( Tennis Elbow Brace )


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